A good work/life balance
We are also all very passionate about our work, dare to do new things and go for a healthy balance between work and private life. We also love delicious food, have fun with each other and nerd power above everything else.

P.S. we consider all our Riders as independent partners who, together with us, form Ride. Life is one big Ride, so let’s Ride together!
We offer real-time information about trip history, spendings & earnings for both passengers and riders.
Get personalized information about your passenger or rider through our in-app rating system with just a click of a button.
Through our smart algorithms and apps we connect the right passenger and rider within 3 minutes.
Our "Why"
As a technology company we have the ambition to raise the current taxi industry in Suriname to a higher level. Transport in a confidential manner, more safety for drivers, a better price-quality ratio and above all we want to create a much better "Taxi experience" for passengers in Suriname.
We believe we can achieve this by deploying smart tech solutions and connecting passengers and drivers directly to each other, creating a healthy open market. Excellent service gets good rewards and a bad driver is punished immediately. Ultimately we want to make our Ride ”Taxi experience” one of convenience and pleasure with a safe feeling for both the passenger and driver.
More job opportunities
We offer everyone with a valid driver's license and an eligible vehicle the opportunity to become a Rider. In this way we create employment for our people in Suriname with the flexibility to earn money when it suits them. The taxi profession becomes a proud and free profession again!
Working with us
Everything from Ride has been developed entirely in-house, from the first line of code to the last build for our apps, our logo to our brand.It all started with a simple idea to “build” the Uber for Suriname and here we are, we made it happen! So do you think you can strengthen our team with your knowledge, experience, proactive attitude and sense of humor? Please join us and apply now!