Why become a Rider?
Because you deserve to be truly free with this free profession and to be your own boss. In general, taxi drivers are bound to pay weekly “fixed costs” whether they have driven or not, with any penalty for late payment. All respect for that but it can also be different!

As a Rider you are not employed by Ride, but you are a partner driver. You decide when and for how long you drive. You receive your trips money, cash from the passenger and you pay a fee to Ride for each completed trip. If you don’t make trips, you don’t have to pay anything.
Determine your own working hours
Only drive when it suits you. No office, be your own boss and no fixed costs. Start and finish driving whenever you want; as a Rider you manage your agenda. Working as a Rider can be perfectly combined with, studying, family life and a permanent job.
Earn how much you want
You can drive as much as you want. The more you drive, the more you earn. Through the Riders app you know exactly how much you have earned per Ride, per day and per week; everything is transparent. The Rider pays a fee of 10% per ride to Ride.
Through our in-app rating system you get personalized information about your passenger with just a click of a button. The app shows the profile of your next passenger with the ratings of your fellow Riders.
Important to know
Before you become a Rider you will need to follow a few steps. Download the app and check if you meet the minimum requirements. We then invite you for a screening. The screening program consists of two parts, namely screening of your vehicle and screening of your documents. If you have successfully completed the screening, you will be invited for a mandatory training.
Driver requirements
You are 18+ and have a valid Surinamese or international driver's license.
You have a valid and working email address.
You own a functioning smartphone.
You are customer-friendly and service-oriented.
You are prepared to follow the Ride onboarding training.
Vehicle requirements
An excellent driving and representative car that meets the following conditions:
Motor is in good condition.
Offers space for at least 4 passengers.
Has a well maintained and clean interior.
Has no visible damage.
Required Car documents
Proof of Registration (chassis number)
Car insurance
Inspection certificate
Driving and vehicle tax receipt
Registration procedure
Register today and become a proud Rider. The online registration takes only 5 minutes and the onboarding at our office takes approximately 60 minutes. You follow the one-time Riders training of approximately 2 hours, and you are ready for your first Ride.

Download the Riders App
What are you waiting for?
Start earning money with your own car right away.
Please follow the next steps to become a Rider:
Sign-up via our app
Are you 18 or older, do you have 1+ year driving experience, an email address and a smartphone? Great, now download our drivers app, confirm your mobile number via our validation SMS and fill in your surname, first name, email address and profile picture.
Onboarding at Ride office
Then visit our office for a screening of your personal documents, your car and the car documents. This will take no longer than approximately 30 minutes.
Riders training course
A Riders training course will be given at our office another day. This will take approximately 2 hours and will be given for good use of the Rider app and customer services.
Ride Top-Up Vouchers
The only way to apply SRD’s to your Riders account is with a Ride Top-Up Voucher. We call this the wallet for Ride Fee Credits. Always make sure you have enough Ride Fee Credits to pay your fee.

The Ride fee consist of ±15% of the total trip amount plus SRD 2,50 ride booking fee. The booking fee is paid by passengers. When redeeming a ride voucher, the money will be automatically applied to your wallet for ride fee credits.

Where to purchase a Ride Voucher
Ride Vouchers of SRD 25 | 50 and 100 are available at all DA stores in Paramaribo and Lelydorp.

Open your updated Ride drivers app
Tap TOP UP in the top-left corner
Insert the 10-digit voucher code without spaces
Redeem your Ride Voucher
Steps to become a Rider
Before you become a Rider you will need to follow a few steps. When you have successfully completed the steps below, you can start as a Rider!

Step 1: Download the Ride app

The Ride apps are available on the App Store for iOS devices and on the Play Store for Android devices.

Here is the link to the iOS app: LINK

Here is the link to the Android app: LINK

Step 2: Register
After you have downloaded the app you can register to become a Rider. All fields must be filled in when registering. We understand that you want to get started soon and therefore we will process your application as soon as possible. You will receive a response from us within 24 hours.

Step 3: Screening
Come on the indicated date and time for the screening. Make sure that you cope with the minimum qualifications required to shorten the screening time and to be taken into consideration. The screening program consists of the following two parts:
Vehicle screening
Screening of documents

Vehicle screening
Firstly your vehicle will be screened. The most important thing is that the vehicle is technically 100% in good condition. Beside all that the vehicle must look representative both inside and out. After the vehicle has been approved, photos will immediately be taken of the car for the account of the relevant Rider.

Documents screening
These are the documents you must take with you to the screening:
Identity card
Driving license
Car insurance
Inspection certificate
Vehicle registration document

After submitting the documents, these are then being checked and verified by our screening officers. The processing time of the screening takes an average of 2 to 3 business days. After the screening has been completed, you will receive an email that you have been selected and you will be invited for the Rider training.

If you don’t have all the documents complete, than you can’t yet start as a Rider.

Step 4: Training
You are almost ready to start as a Rider! But first you need to follow the Ride training that consists of two parts. During the first part of the training everything revolves around the Ride app. It is important to know how the app works, so that you as a Rider can perform your work properly. On the second part of the training customer service is the central topic, since knowing what is happening and living with customers is necessary to achieve an excellent service with
satisfied passengers as a result.

Stap 5: Begin
After the screening and following the training, your Riders account will be activated and you can start with driving! You can drive both during the day and at night, you decide that yourself. All that’s left for you to do is to go online.
Getting started with Ride
Check every day before you start the first trip if:
* There is enough fuel in the tank
* The other liquids are up to standard
* All tires are on pressure
* The car looks representative inside and out
* You have all necessary documents with you such as driver’s license, car insurance, inspection certificate and vehicle registration document

Trips received
You only receive trip requests when you go online. Always make sure that you’re online when you really want to get started. When a trip request arrives, a pop-up window appears, which you can click to accept that trip. After you have accepted the trip, you then pick up your passenger(s) and bring them safely to their destination.

Passengers pay with cash for their trip when it has ended. Other payment methods are not possible. So always make sure that you have enough change money.

Ride fee payment
Before you start as a Rider you first need to top up credits on your account. The SRD 25, SRD 50 and SRD 100 Ride Vouchers can be purchased from different outlets. After every trip you make, a fee of 10% will automatically be deducted from your credits. It is not possible to make trips without credits in your account.

Trip income overview
Do you want to see at a glance how much you have earned for the week? That is possible. In the app you can see exactly how much you have earned per week or day. It is therefore not necessary to keep your own records.

Passengers rating
Not only Riders are being rated, but also passengers. Give your passenger a fair and objective rating after the trip. If the passenger followed the rules it would be unfair to give a low rating. If the passenger did not comply with the rules it is entirely justified to give a bad rating. With the use rating we strive to offer both Riders and passengers a pleasant trip.