Who we are
Ride Technologies N.V. alias Ride is an internet company that mediates between passengers and drivers in Suriname. The company uses its mobile apps to connect passengers in Greater Paramaribo with private drivers, but also with official taxi drivers.
It all started with a simple idea to “build” the Uber for Suriname and here we are, we made it happen!

What we do
As a tech company we have the ambition to raise the current Taxi Experience in Suriname to a higher level. With an innovative application - the Ride App - we offer a high-quality and reliable service, one price and safe direct contact between passengers and Riders. The Ride App is completely transparent, so you always get in and out with a happy and safe feeling.
Everyone in Greater Paramaribo being 16+ with a smartphone (android/iOs) and internet can order a taxi ride. Our goal is that passengers experience every trip with Ride as comfortable as possible, with a safe feeling.

Everyone can become a Rider, if you meet our terms & conditions - think of a valid driver's license and a suitable vehicle. Potential Riders are subjected to screening and training, for themselves and their vehicle. This way our passengers are assured of a safe and customer-friendly Rider so they can just enjoy their ride.
Benefits for passengers
View the estimated cost of the trip before you confirm the trip and don’t get confronted with surprises. We offer real-time information about trip history and spendings.
Once you have requested a Ride, your Rider's profile appears and you can get to know him or her. The profile shows their profile picture, bio, reviews and compliments and also the vehicle in which vehicle your Rider will pick you up.
Quick and smooth
Ride ensures a fast pick-up, thanks to our smart algorithms and apps. Your Rider will be at your doorstep very quickly. The average pick-up ETA is 8 minutes.
Benefits for Riders
Determine your own working hours
Only drive when it suits you. Start and finish driving whenever you want; as a Rider you manage your agenda.
Earn how much you want
You can drive as much as you want. The more you drive, the more you earn. Through the Riders app you know exactly how much you have earned per Ride, per day and per week.
Through our in-app rating system you get personalized information (such as a profile picture, name and phone number) about your passenger with just a click of a button.
Rider requirements
You are at least 18 years old.
You have a valid Surinamese driver's license or international driver's license that is valid in Suriname.
You have at least 1 year of licensed driving experience.
You own a smartphone.
Vehicle Requirements
Motor is in good condition.
Offers space for at least 4 passengers.
Has a well maintained and clean interior.
Has no visible damage.

Car Papers
Driving license
Car insurance
Inspection certificate
Vehicle registration document
Kick-Off Pilot in Paramaribo
We are finally ready to start our pilot. During the pilot we will be testing whether our Apps (Rider & Passengers App and our Admin Panel) are working as they should. Our kickoff date has been postponed for 3 times because of technical issues. But we are confident that we can finally kickoff in October 2019. It is the intention that during the pilot we discover unforeseen problems and then solve them. We thank all our pilot Riders for their believe in us. They are all students from the University of Suriname (Adek University of Suriname), with whom we have a strategic alliance.
Our first collaboration with Su4You.
On Friday 6 september 2019 we had our first meeting with the SU4YOU management team and was just great to know this young and vibrant organization. After smelling each other, we reached an agreement to work together with mutual benefits.

Su4YOU is the market leader in Suriname in providing housing and leisure services to international students who do their internship in Suriname. Especially students from the Netherlands are their primary customers as these group represents the majority of international students in Suriname, speaking our same language, ?Dutch?.